My day rate is €500/day for offsite work and €550-650 for onsite work.. Wether you book me for an hour or for a year.


I like to make life simple and accessible for all parties involved. I don’t want you to pay for my expenses like hotel room, trains or cabs. Thats why I raise the day rate for onsite work to €550/day in Berlin and €650/day outside Berlin. If you want me to bring my Equipment with all workflow speed improving plugins thats +€80/day on top. It is easier, cheaper and saves time.


For longer projects (5+ days) 50 % of the estimated cost will be send as an invoice before the project begins and has to be payed before project start. If you fail to pay the deposit within one week of invoice, hold has to be taken off my schedule. It sucks, but let’s respect everyone’s schedule.


I accept 2 holds at a time. At the time the second hold comes in you have to make a booking decision. Canceling a booking within 3 days prior to estimated start date requires a 50% cancellation fee.


Payments are due at the date of invoice or a maximum of 10 Days. Idealy payment is made before final is send. Let’s make life easy. If your agency is working on a Net30+ schedule, please contact me.


Estimates can change, depending on changes in deadline, project scope, asset purchases or deliverables. All changes to the final price will need to be clarified before changes are put into effect.

Again, these policies are to keep me in business and to keep all my other clients happy as well. It is easy to create headaches in the industry, that’s why i go for transparency. Let us be respectful so we can focus on making your project as fun and as best as possible. Thanks <3